My wife and I have a reasonable sex life. I enjoy it and do it, but usually only once a week. The store where she works is taken gradually by a new owner and you have to wait longer and longer. Coincedentaly their teams were always more attractive and sexy, to gaywatch say again, she has to make a good impression if it happens to occupy. A few weeks ago I decided to pick her up after gaywatch work. Pick up often, but usually I say, if I am. ran a few minutes late and had gone 17 00, the main street, when I went to your business. When I approached I saw coming out the side door, as usual, Drew and I realized that Mark, the prospective buyer was in his shop. I pulled to the curb, a way back and looked at her curiously. They walked together in the small lot behind the stores. Looks like the elevator, I thought and left. I went to my house, but stood firm at the lights. As I sat thereand a minivan passed slowly in front of me in the market with my wife in the passenger seat. that was removed from the queue of traffic and continued four or five cars behind him. Thet walked past our way and continue to the cemetery parking spot where he parked in the back. When I parked at a safe distance they saw him come out the front and back, and then quickly followed suit. Act No. passed as I watched. I was too far to see something. I took my car and ran to the side wall of the ground in the vicinity where they were stationed. I was within the contours of the body, you feel, but there was no trace of it. is Sod thought I was running and remain low in the back of the van, where I crouched down feeling a complete idiot and seemed a little disturbed or Peeping Tom ninja I slowly sat up and looked at the rear window. His back was to me, but I could do everything that can be seen on the shirt. They had smashed the front and she was on all fours, a blouse and bra undone with the NorthING gaywatch below the waist. Obviously, he had his cock in her as she back and replied with a real need. I watched in awe for several minutes, then I heard him say the word " run" and named it when I felt the car shaking a little. I returned to my car running, but as he walked away I noticed it had a small video camera in hand. was recording and was allowed to make it happen ! This is a woman who has refused me even a little vacation photo sexy. o I did not know when they go home half an hour later it was done. I have realized that only a little late. was said that the new owner has to make changes to talk to her. I passed by his shop four times since then, and I left with him twice before. I followed them back, but lost at the first opportunity. You do not have to go to the same parking lot of the time. The gaywatch last time I went to another car / layby near us, which is dogging hotspot with truck drivers ! ( I'll tell himtime or another about it. ) If it makes gaywatch me so hot I would have with it and know what you want. Maybe I could join. Our sex life has also improved. Its now every two days, and it gets more complicated as more and more difficult. I even had put his trust in his ass while I was fucking. Does that mean he picked up gaywatch his ass? interesting times.
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